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What to do when your tarot reading isn't going the way you want it to


Several years ago I was on the cusp of a massive life shift. I was at the beginning stages of my spiritual awakening, and the first thought I had was to have a professional tarot reading. I went to see my best friend's trusted psychic, who was lovely. I was nervous. I had only had my cards read a couple times before. 

I wasn't sure what to expect, I explained that I was in a comfortable, happy marriage, and had recently met someone online that stirred up feelings within me that called my entire relationship into question. I was confused and angry with myself for engaging with this person. Why was the pull so strong for someone I'd never met? Furthermore, after 14 years with my husband, I'd never considered not being married to him. He was the partner I chose, and I had always been committed to working everything through.

The tarot reader told me the internet man was a karmic relationship from a past life and not to pursue it, that it would only end badly. She said the love I shared with my husband was real and worth working on. But the part that killed me, was that she said it would be 5 years until I moved up north. At the time we were living in Florida and I had been begging my husband to move for a couple of years. To learn it would be half a decade before I got what I wanted was unacceptable to me. I left the reading disappointed. Not to mention, I was pissed because I felt like she read my energy and situation completely wrong. It felt like a death sentence.. Stay small. Stay boring. Stay complacent. 

Has this ever happened to you?

I made 2 mistakes with my reading.

1. I didn't hear what I wanted to hear, so I missed any helpful information, because I was too married to my own agenda. I failed to recognize that she was reading my current energy, and I have free will to act upon my desires. Nothing is ever set in stone. 

2. I didn't realize that I could ask more questions, I was waiting for her to provide the prompts, or give me some helpful tips for coping with timing and my ego, because at the time I didn't understand how to articulate those things. 

When I read for people, sometimes we discover that their desire is either not aligned, or the timing is off. When this happens, I'm always reminded of that early tarot experience where I felt like my fate was sealed by what the reader said and that was that. 

It can be difficult to know where to go from there. I believe, as a tarot reader, it is our job to provide helpful guidance moving forward. These clarifying questions can be used while you're having a reading, or reading for yourself. 

Ask the Universe and your guides the following questions:

- How can I be more aligned with my desires?

- What is an action I can take on my own behalf to move into alignment?

- What support do I need in order to move closer to my desires?

- What needs to be released or left behind in order to be closer to my desires?

- What can I do, or focus on to stay in alignment, while I'm patiently awaiting the manifestation of my desire?

- Is there an alternative choice I could be making at this time?

- What lies ahead when I follow my soul's path?

Often, we find it difficult to believe that there is a reason we don't have exactly what we want, when we want it. I find it is much more productive to ask questions similar to the above mentioned. For me, it always helps me remain moving forward and in the flow of abundance - and that will always put us in alignment with our blessings. 




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