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The Importance of a Morning Practice

Intentional living isn't something that is only available to the wealthy and famous. I've been noticing an influx of information, from the spiritual community to the New York Times, about the importance of a morning practice. 

Not everyone has the luxury of spending 30 minutes to an hour every morning in ritual, but it doesn't have to take that much time. I'm sharing my morning practice with full disclosure that since I've moved in with my partner I'm struggling at keeping to my luxurious solo time practice. Instead, I'm surrendering to how nice it is to be snuggled. In those moments of pre-work day bliss, I commit to running through my gratitude list and daily affirmations. 

A morning practice isn't designed to be one more thing you 'should' be doing. It is meant to ignite enthusiasm, focus on what we want instead of what we don't want, and clarify intentions, so we may have productive days. A solid morning practice moves the needle by affirming our value and self worth to the universe. When we show up for ourselves, the universe shows up for us. 

The Law of Attraction is always working. We attract the things we think about the most. If we wake up and immediately begin thinking about how much we hate our job, or how much our partner annoys us, or how shitty our living situation is, guess what, we are only going to attract that which affirms what we're thinking about. This is why affirmations, gratitude, and clarity is so important. The mind is like a muscle that can be exercised and focused. With practice, it's possible to shift your entire reality. 

My Morning Routine:

Gratitude list and Affirmations while cuddling

Visualize what I want to accomplish today, how does my commute feel? What am I aiming to start and finish? 

Making French Press coffee with the intention of the caffeine waking up my creative brain and fueling my excitement for the day

Journaling about my dreams

Pulling 3 tarot cards and 3 oracle cards about the energy of the day, I always take a photo of them so I can refer back to them throughout the day

Programming small crystals and putting them into my bra. I find running around the crowded streets of New York can feel overwhelming, so I love to load up on crystal energy.

-Pyrite to attract abundance and good fortune

-Aquamarine for clear communication

-Rose quartz to remember to take action from a place of love

-Herkimer diamond to keep my higher chakras open to receiving messages. 

-Amethyst for when I'm anxious

-Black Tourmaline to deflect negativity

I continue my morning routine during my commute. I always listen to motivational and astrology podcasts, while I'm on the ferry or subway, and if I'm working from home, I play them in the background. I recommend The Life School Podcast and Manifestation Babe Podcast for semi-spiritual business info, and Anne Ortlee Weekly Weather Astrology Podcast, Cosmic Cousins Soul Centered Astrology, and the Spiritual Foenix Podcast (which I was just a guest on! More info when that episode will be released) are a few of my favorites. 

Morning practices can be whatever you want them to be, the point is to begin your day by raising your vibration and moving closer to your dreams. 

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