Meet Team Moon Void Tarot


Stefanie Caponi (she/her) is the author of Guided Tarot and creator of the Moon Void Tarot. She is a San Diego-based illustrator, tarot reader, and astrologer in residence for  Dame Products. In addition to her personal work with Moon Void Tarot, she has illustrated the young adult novel, All Our Hidden Gifts (Walker Books).

Stefanie has been an avid practitioner of magic for over 10 years, combining artwork with her interest in tarot, astrology, ritual, and occult symbolism as an expressive means to heal herself and others. She has worked with Alice + Olivia, Soho House, Bombas, and been featured in Cosmopolitan,, Well + Good, Refinery29, and

You can connect with Stefanie personally via or her Instagram @stefaniecaponi.


Illustration by Stefanie Caponi 


Reese Quinn (she/they) is a reader and business witch for Moon Void Tarot. She is a Denver-based original content creator and facilitator, and co-founder of Solitary Spiritualists, an online coven space. Reese embraces her Cancer moon as she practices magic with tarot, astrology, ritual-crafting, and spellwork. She has been reading tarot for 5 years and is currently apprenticing under Stefanie to grow in her tarot and astrology practices. She has also studied the works of and learned personally from Lindsey Mack, Pam Grossman, Cooper Kaminsky, Leah Samuels, and Demetria George.

Outside of her tarot and astrology practice, she is a word witch — her writing combines her interest in mythology, queer theory, and magic as a way to integrate her passions and parts of herself.

You can connect with Reese personally via or her Instagram @western.moon.witch

Illustration by Stefanie Caponi