A tarot deck for self-care, healing, and reflection

The Moon Void Tarot is a unique deck that follows the journey of one singular character - The Fool, pulling the reader inward with the purpose of self-reflection, shadow work, and healing while learning to develop & trust one's intuition created by illustrator Stefanie Caponi, first edition created in 2017, released in 2018. 

Moon Void Tarot is a living, breathing entity that identifies as she/her. Stefanie learned that when MVT wants to evolve she whispers to her, and sometimes screams until Stefanie lets her reveal new artwork, the evolution of the Fool’s journey. Stefanie feels like she channels a new version of this deck every year, and is so grateful to the people who support the process and understand that it’s a living entity that doesn’t want to be reprinted the same every time, that feels stagnant. The deck is confrontational without judgment, supportive like a witchy big sister that loves you unconditionally but wants you to do the work on your own.

Moon Void Tarot Deck 3rd Edition

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