Work With MVT

Working With Stefanie:

Stefanie is currently working on:

  • Artistic commissions
  • Logo designs
  • Illustration work
  • Publishing opportunities
  • Tarot Deck Creation & Kickstarter Consultation
  • In-person events and speaking engagements
  • Tarot and astrology readings - existing clients only

Please reach out directly by sending an email to to schedule. Stefanie will respond as she is available to, and appreciates your patience.

Moon Void Tarot 4th Ed Empress

Working With Reese:

Reese is currently working on:

  • Tarot and Oracle Readings
    • Reese’s current decklist:
      • Tarot: MVT 1st Ed, MVT 3rd Ed, Moon Root Tarot, and Mystic Mondays Tarot
      • Oracle: Postcards from the Liminal Space, Visions in the Liminal Space, and Wild Unknown Archetypes
  • Astrology Readings
    • Types of readings: Natal, Progressed, Synastry, Composite, Transits, Event, Solar Return, and Saturn Return
  • Tarot and Astrology Combination Readings

Reese's tarot and astrology readings have a unique approach that combine her intersectional identity and belief in the tarot as a method of reflecting the inner-self in her one on one sessions via Zoom and locally in the Denver metro area.

In an effort to make services available to all, readings offered on a sliding scale are always available. Please reach out directly by sending an email to to schedule or by booking time on Reese’s calendar here. If booking directly, Reese will reach out to you within 24 hours to confirm your time and pricing. 

Moon Void Tarot 4th Edition Magician

Working in the MVT Coven:

Join our newsletter in order to be highlighted to other members of the Moon Void Coven! We’re looking for coven members who have something they would like to share with us, be it a spell, tarot spread, ritual, recipe, any aspect of your magical practice. If you feel called, please reply to your introduction email with your name, a short sentence or two about your practice or magical business, where we can find you (website, social media, etc), and what it is you'd like to share!

Moon Void Tarot 4th Edition Sun


If you book with MVT and need to cancel, you must do so within 24 hours of the booking via email. If notice for your cancellation is not given, it is possible that the MVT team will charge you based on the prior agreement.

The MVT team does not respond to all DMs or emails. While we do our best to address all inquiries, we are a small business and have personal limitations as such.

If any member of the MVT team feels uncomfortable with client interaction, we reserve the right to end the reading or engagement.