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Tarot for Working with the Libra Full Moons in March & April

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  Wednesday is the Spring Equinox, Ostara, moving from the end of the zodiacal calendar (Pisces) into Aries - the initiator. This is fire season. This is the beginning of new energy, moving forward.  I want to bring attention to the full moon story that is going to be taking place. Full moons are significant for several reasons. Each brings closure, endings, and illuminates the darkness to assist us in making these shifts in order to move forward. The full supermoon on Wednesday occurs at 0 degrees Libra. This is the beginning of our story. Libra is the sign of...

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Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo

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Tonight, in North America, we welcome the full Wolf Blood Moon lunar eclipse in Leo. Today the sun entered Aquarius, and these two polar signs will meet for one last time to finish the story they began in 2017.

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