Wolf Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo

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Tonight, in North America, we welcome the full Wolf Blood Moon lunar eclipse in Leo. Today the sun entered Aquarius, and these two polar signs will meet for one last time to finish the story they began in 2017.

The past two years have been pushing us toward who we really, are as individuals, so that we may better serve the collective. Aquarius - The Star, is the humanitarian of the zodiac, while Leo - Strength, is the heart of the individual. We can look to the Star and Strength in our eclipse readings to gain more clarity regarding the way we are seen, how we care for ourselves and others, and how we uplift and serve others. Is there anywhere still needing balance? Eclipses are known to bring surprise endings and life plot twists we could not have seen coming. These are a cosmic helping hand steering us toward our highest good in this lifetime. Trust that whatever is happening right now is for you. 

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