Tarot & Astrology Musings for Modern Magic Makers — 2019

Summer Eclipse season has begun!

Moon Void Tarot Admin 2019 Astrology Cancer/Capricorn eclipse in cancer lunar eclipse moon void tarot solar eclipse Stefanie Caponi Tarot

  During the month of June, we seem to be caught between the duality of moving rapidly forward and overanalyzing the past, we have so many planets in Gemini and Cancer to thank for that. In all fairness, June is the midway point of the year. It's a time to reflect over the past 6 months and see what adjustments and refining needs to be done on the projects or goals we've been putting our efforts into before turning our attention toward the second half of the year. It may seem to some, that things are finally beginning to move forward, as...

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Moon Void Tarot - Expansion Tarot Spread for 2019

Moon Void Tarot Admin 2019 Tarot tarot spread

   This is a simple tarot spread to welcome in 2019 with. It is also a great starting point to build upon to gain greater clarity for where to focus your energy this year.    

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