We are SOLD OUT of Moon Void Tarot and not planning a reprint as of now, as we have many exciting projects in the works! Keep in touch by joinging our Coven newsletter and following along on Instagram @moonvoidtarot for more!
We are SOLD OUT of Moon Void Tarot and not planning a reprint as of now, as we have many exciting projects in the works! Keep in touch by joinging our Coven newsletter and following along on Instagram @moonvoidtarot for more!
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Summer Eclipse season has begun!

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During the month of June, we seem to be caught between the duality of moving rapidly forward and overanalyzing the past, we have so many planets in Gemini and Cancer to thank for that. In all fairness, June is the midway point of the year. It's a time to reflect over the past 6 months and see what adjustments and refining needs to be done on the projects or goals we've been putting our efforts into before turning our attention toward the second half of the year.

It may seem to some, that things are finally beginning to move forward, as though the missing pieces are falling into place. While for others, it can seem as though obstacles are falling from the sky to block momentum. Notice these seeming roadblocks and opening portals. We are in the vortex of the upcoming solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer on July 2nd. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and associated with nurturing, feminine energy, instinctual action, and care for what and who you love. Any circumstances that appear to be beyond your control at this time are actually the universe intervening on your behalf to steer you along the path. Eclipses come in pairs, and the solar eclipse new moon will be followed two weeks later, by a full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer's opposite sign of Capricorn.

In the tarot, Cancer is represented by The Chariot. Consider how you are being propelled by your instincts at this time. During a solar eclipse, the moon stands between the sun and the earth, blocking out the light. The sun represents our ego, when we are disconnected from our ego, we are able to tap into information from source. There is a greater mission beyond individual gains. This month, the universe is whispering - or possibly shouting - to us, how this will affect us. 

In the tarot, Capricorn is represented by The Devil. The devil isn't about hell or fallen angels, rather about the ways we are chained to the material realm. This can manifest through greed, substance abuse, escapism, and putting material desires above spiritual pursuits. During a lunar eclipse, our unconscious patterning is disrupted, allowing for change in these areas.

Many wonder what spells or rituals are best during an eclipse. Typically, we set intentions with new moons, I recommend surrendering to the universe during an eclipse. Attempting to harness eclipse energy is like trying to control the weather. The energy is unpredictable when our luminaries are obstructed. The time is best spent tuning your energy field to an open state of reception and willing surrender to what is in your highest and best. This can be achieved by performing a releasing ritual during the waning moon at the end of June. 

The importance of ritual is the intent behind the action, connecting the physical with the spiritual. Some of my favorite releasing rituals begin with writing down what I am releasing, with gratitude for what it represented in my life, and stating that I am ready for something new and better. I then take the paper I wrote on and burn it, allowing the element of fire to transform my intention. Another option is to cut a lock of your hair and bury or burn it. Cutting hair is ceremoniously linked to our self worth and willingness to transform. Ritual is sacred and open to interpretation, feel free to experiment with what feels meaningful.

The effects of an eclipse last about 6 months, and can trigger life altering events. When in the sign of Cancer & Capricorn, these events will have the duality of home and career, nurturing our internal emotional selves, and the foundations and structures we set up both within and without.

Keeping ourselves open during the eclipse portals is key. Trust that the universe is sweeping away the physical and psychic debris that is not in alignment with our highest good. Allow the eclipses to activate the path without fear or resistance. Remember that divine timing will not allow our blessings and opportunities to be missed. Expect the unexpected.



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