June with Moon Void Tarot

We're already a week into June, and it has flown by! Gemini season is known for rapid mental activity that is closely followed by taking on more projects and commitments than we may be physically available for. 

Where to find me in June:

If you are in NYC this summer you can catch me in Brooklyn at Jill Lindsey  every Sunday from 2-6. 

I will also be doing pop up tarot readings at Myths of Creation during their vintage sale on Saturday, June 22 from 2-6

I'm also very excited to be able to offer in person readings in Brooklyn & Manhattan at The Wing! Please reach out to me for booking times.

Can't make it to NYC? I offer tarot and astrology readings via Zoom! 

Be sure to catch up on The Fools Guide to Tarot on the Spiritual Phoenix podcast, where each week Ross Cessna and I dive deep into each major arcana card and it's accompanying minors! We just released episode 7, The Chariot and the 7's. You can listen to it here

Thank you to everyone to continually supports the work I do at Moon Void Tarot. I can't do this without you! I'm so grateful for everyone who has purchased the Moon Void Tarot deck, I love seeing your posts on Instagram! I also really appreciate the kind messages and comments! Please always reach out to me with your questions and insight and enjoy the rest of the month!


Cosmically yours,





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