Tarot musings for May

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It's almost May! We are in Taurus season, spring is in full bloom. Taurus is associated with the Hierophant, how does that feel for you dear readers? When I think of Taurus, I think of romance, sensuality, decadent meals, laying in bed and hitting snooze too many times, and buying myself all the flowers! 

The Hierophant is the teacher, and the student. The ways we learn, the traditions we've embraced, and thrown out, as we opt to seek our own path of knowledge and truth.

As we approach the Taurus new moon on Saturday, perhaps pull out the Hierophant card and ask your deck the following:

What is your relationship to tradition? 

Do you resonate with the role of teacher or student? 

How do you embody these roles in your daily life?

What area of life can you be less rigid?

What do you value most?

How can you share your values with your community?


Think about setting your intentions for these answers in mind. How can you grow your stability? Where can you soften any hard edges? What does luxury look and feel like for you, and can you allow it to happen in it's divine right time?


I would love to hear what cards you pull in response! Please tag me in your Instagram posts @moonvoidtarot #moonvoidtarot, and feel free to drop your responses into my dm's, I'll repost in my stories.



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