The Tarot Tutorial Podcast is live!

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I've teamed up with my dear friend, Ross Cessna of Spiritual Phoenix Studios, together we've created a weekly podcast series called The Fool's Guide to Tarot. Each week, Ross and I will be discussing a card from the major arcana and it's accompanying minor. This is the format taught to me during a formal six month tarot intensive, Brooklyn Fool's, taught by Jeff Hinshaw and Lindsey Mack, in 2017. 

In our first episode we cover, finding a tarot deck you resonate with, what is the Fool's journey, and what the Fool represents in tarot. Ross and I come from very different backgrounds, please join us as we engage in a lively discussion of the tarot, learning each card in depth, how to overcome imposter syndrome as a new reader, and gain confidence to read without a guidebook. you can listen to the show HERE

Next week we will be discussing The Magician and the Aces! Thank you so much for listening!

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