Tarot for Working with the Libra Full Moons in March & April

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Wednesday is the Spring Equinox, Ostara, moving from the end of the zodiacal calendar (Pisces) into Aries - the initiator. This is fire season. This is the beginning of new energy, moving forward. 

I want to bring attention to the full moon story that is going to be taking place. Full moons are significant for several reasons. Each brings closure, endings, and illuminates the darkness to assist us in making these shifts in order to move forward. The full supermoon on Wednesday occurs at 0 degrees Libra. This is the beginning of our story. Libra is the sign of partnership. The sun is in Aries, the sign of the individual. At this time ask yourself, what partnerships energize you? Which ones drain you? Who are you spending your time with? Is there balance? What are you available to show up for and where do you need to enact more healthy boundaries? What needs to end completely? Whether it is a behavior or codependent relationship, identify problematic patterns. Know everyone is worthy of balance and harmony. 

Libra has a passive-aggressive quality that prefers to people please, much to it's own detriment. Maybe that is why we are having two consecutive full moons. Letting go, speaking up for our needs, putting up boundaries can feel very uncomfortable. There is an opportunity to get people off of your energetic pay roll. Lean in to the discomfort without worrying about upsetting anyone. This clearing will culminate with the April full moon on the 19th, occurring at 29 degrees Libra - the final degree. 

Our mission, as humans is to serve the collective, but first we must care for ourselves. Aries reminds us of this. Remember, this will make space to bring the relationships, opportunities, and synchronicities into your life that will truly serve your evolution. 

Tarot Prompt: 5 card spread for the Libra Full Moons

Pull out the Lover & Justice, place them in the center of your alter, or tarot cloth. shuffle your cards and ask the following:

1. What imbalances will be illuminated by the March full moon in Libra?

2. What action can I take toward restoring balance?

3. What will story is culminating in the April full moon in Libra?

4. What am I going to be moving toward in the coming zodiacal season in my partnerships?

5. What do I need to be mindful about repeating as I move forward in relationships?

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