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The words we speak are the mightiest spells we cast. 
This pertains to how we speak about ourselves and others. 
I've noticed in my client work, as well as speaking to friends, although folks want to be in a meaningful romantic relationship, yet on their dating profiles or even in conversation when I ask them what they are looking for, they either don't know, or just say 'whatever, I'm open.'
While being open is great when calling something in, clarity is essential to direct what you are truly looking for to you. Imagine yourself to be a magnet, you can attract tons of things! But if you know in your heart that you want something specific, don't be afraid to say it, claim it, and ask for it with conscious intention.
This extends further than romantic relationships, this works for anything you want. Make sure you're asking for what it is you really want, and say no thank you when something else comes to you that isn't what you asked for. I promise you won't miss an opportunity that is meant for you. This is part of the co-creation process.
What has your experience been?

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