Libra New Moon

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Today we honor the new moon in Libra, the sign that rules partnerships, social justice, and balance. Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love, beauty, what we value, and our money. This Venusian moon comes in darkness on Venus' day - Friday. 

The card that represents Libra in Tarot is Justice. Justice is about karma, divine law, and balancing the scales. Justice, like Libra, sees all sides of every situation, and rather than choosing sides, it seeks to balance and become whole, honoring the light and dark, the emotional and the rational, the head and the heart. 

May I humbly suggest for your new moon ritual you honor the duality that exists in the world at this time, and place your intentions not only for yourself, but for the collective. Acknowledge the privilege that exists in your life alongside your struggle, and have compassion for the struggles of others. 

Anytime this weekend is a great time for a new moon ritual, plant your seeds of intention around the themes of:

- Partnership, love or business! Relationships of all kinds are emphasized now

- Social Justice, restoring balance to oppressive systems

- Human Rights, racial equality, trans rights, indigenous people's rights 


Card of the day:

6 of Pentacles

If you can, take a small action today to offer assistance to someone in need. Donate money, any amount, to an organization that could use funding. Sign a petition, call your representatives, send a letter, use your privilege to take a stand by elevating the voices that need to be heard. 


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