Tarot & Manifesting aka Empress Work

My tarot practice has been as much about shadow work as it has been about manifestation work. The word 'manifestation' holds a certain degree of shame for me, as it is connected to privilege and harmful practices in the wellness community. This is why shadow work is so important, to be able to use tarot and journaling to unpack how white privilege and racism benefits me in this work.

I've been pretty grossed out by toxic positivity and manifestation work, yet I understand that as a human inhabiting a body with a womb, my energy is yin, it's receptive, it's Empress. Working with the energetics of feminine, receptive, yin magnetism, I've learned when to take action and show up in Emperor energy in ways that feel inspiring, energizing, and allow me to be myself. This is why I love using tarot for manifesting and how it goes hand in hand with shadow work.

I'd like to sub the word manifesting for Empress Work. Maybe for you, it's Magician Work, but I'm a Libra rising, so Venus rules my chart and Venus is the Empress, so I'm sticking with Empress Work.

Consider your own rising sign, what planet rules your rising? That is your chart ruler, regardless of your sun sign. Think about the tarot card associated with your chart ruler and maybe use that card as your archetype for your own Empress Work. What would you call it?

I want to start sharing about my Empress Work and how my tarot practice has evolved and really changed my entire life over the past five years since starting Moon Void Tarot, and I'd love to hear your experiences as well! Please share in the comments!


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