We are SOLD OUT of Moon Void Tarot and not planning a reprint as of now, as we have many exciting projects in the works! Keep in touch by joinging our Coven newsletter and following along on Instagram @moonvoidtarot for more!
We are SOLD OUT of Moon Void Tarot and not planning a reprint as of now, as we have many exciting projects in the works! Keep in touch by joinging our Coven newsletter and following along on Instagram @moonvoidtarot for more!
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Big Changes for Moon Void Tarot!

What is happening with Moon Void Tarot?

As many of you now know, I cleared some big spaces in my life and asked for guidance on what comes next for Moon Void Tarot. I knew the deck wanted to expand and become something new, I was incredibly surprised at how new that would be.  Isn't it normal and natural to evolve? When I created the deck in 2017 I was in a much different place, and Moon Void Tarot taught me how to embrace my shadow and work through the difficult life changes I was facing as I navigated the void of a spiritual awakening.

Like the snake shedding their skin, I allowed myself to be in the death process for as long as it took, until it became second nature. The artwork I channeled for the 3rd edition of Moon Void Tarot chronicles the journey of what happens next, once we have shed the skin of the past and have to learn how to become comfortable in our new skin. 


Moon Void Tarot, 3rd Edition features 85% entirely new artwork, and the images that remain the same have been re-drawn and updated to reflect the changes the main character (The Fool) has experienced over the last 4+ years.

Featuring pops of pink and roses, this deck is about finding joy again, while honoring the light and dark parts of ourselves. Like roses, we bloom and die and bloom again. We honor the delicate process of growth and decay, and everything in between.

I hope you resonate with this work, and use it to expand your practice of using tarot for self-inquiry, evolution, and growth. 

In order for this deck to come to life I'm going to be launching my first Kickstarter. I've never crowd funded, and honestly the idea of it really freaks me out. I'm not great at asking for help, or relying on anyone besides myself. I'm so thankful to everyone who supports creators and makers, I know indie tarot decks are pricey, and it amazes me every time you spend your money on something I've worked really hard to create. I will be sharing a detailed break out of exactly how much it costs to produce the deck, packing/shipping materials, marketing, and so forth so you know where your money is going. 

MVT 3 will remain the standard tarot card size, I don't know about you, but the big cards are hard for me to shuffle! The box however, is getting a glow up! I'm tired of the flimsy tuck box, and I'm opting for a sturdy rigid box this time around. I will also be updating the guidebook to reflect the artwork, add new tarot spreads, and rituals, however I believe in my heart you can still use the first edition, as I tried to make it universal.

I will be sharing more images, as well as details on how to pre-order and support the project, either through Kickstarter or directly to me through Venmo - username @stefanie-caponi with 'Moon Void Tarot 3' and your name in the subject line so I can keep track of funds and who to say thank you to!

I'm currently in the process of creating other MVT merchandise and I'm so excited to share the new goodies as they become available, this is where I'll be sharing all of the information, please feel free to send me a message if you have questions!! 

I would also love to hear from you about what you want! Please drop me a message and tell me what would be the most beneficial for you, do you want silver foil edges? Does that really matter, or is it just a pricey add on?!?! Tell me! Do you want more Moon rituals in the guidebook? Let me know!

As a thank you for your continued support I'm offering a 10% off discount code for Moon Void Coven members, if you get my newsletter you're already in!

If you're reading this blog post and missed my newsletter that contains some sneak peeks at the new deck, drop me a line and I will forward it to you once you subscribe.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share your time with me, wishing you a magical March!!


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