How Astrology can show you how to create and maintain wealth & abundance using your birth chart

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Understanding the Money Houses in Astrology really helped me understand my natural gifts and how to use them to create abundance by helping me refine and clarify:

What am I good at?

What do I love doing?

How do I work best/what is my ideal work environment?

Who are my ideal clients and customers?

How can I serve them best?

2020 has taught me so much, by gifting me time away from the world to create, study, and give myself permission to run towards what I’m passionate about.

In my 20’s I worked boring soul sucking office jobs and at 27 decided enough was enough. I decided I would pick a fun creative career (hairstylist) where the money I made was doing something exciting and utilized my creativity.

This worked until it didn’t, I was still trying to base my fulfillment on money rather than trusting that money was a byproduct of fulfillment.

I've created some simple graphics to help you figure these things out for yourself using your own natal chart. You can create a free chart on or and if you get lost or stuck, you can always book a reading with me! 

Thank you for reading! I hope this was helpful! 

I'll be sharing more about Planets in the Money Houses in the next blog post!

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