Praise for Moon Void Tarot & Working with Stefanie


"I expected my tarot card reading with Stefanie to be fun and interesting—and it was—but I didn't expect it to be so deeply healing. Because she's so intuitive and wise, the reading felt more like a meeting with a trusted spiritual counselor. After the session I felt clear on issues that I'd be pondering for some time, and it helped me move forward in those areas. I'm so grateful to Stefanie and highly recommend working with her if you're stuck on an issue and looking for clarity."


"Stefanie is an outstanding Tarot card reader, but she is so much more. Her wealth of knowledge with Astrology, intuition and connection to others is truly unique and very rare/special. I’ve had the great pleasure of having Stefanie share this knowledge at two of my weekend Wellness Retreats outside of NYC. She’s connected with a wide range in audience and has made every single person, including myself feel beyond at ease when being vulnerable and opening up about life. Also Stefanie leads amazing ritual circles and workshops and is an INCREDIBLE illustrator! So talented. I can’t wait to work more with her at upcoming Wellness Retreats!"

-Sharon Armstrong, Pineapple Yogi wellness retreats & NYC yoga teacher