Private Tarot or Astrology Mentorship
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Private Tarot or Astrology Mentorship

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Tarot is the ultimate tool for healing, growth, and shadow work. Whether you are seeking to read tarot for yourself or professionally, in this weekly private mentorship, together we will deepen your knowledge of tarot through embodiment of the archetypes, elements, numerological, and astrological meanings of the cards, while strengthening your intuition as you develop your own personal style of reading. 

Learn Astrology with Stefanie through a series of weekly private mentorship sessions! During each session, we will break down the houses, signs, house systems, elements, and more so you are able to read your own natal chart with ease. In addition to learning your birth chart, you will also learn how to read your transit chart and the charts of others for a deeper understanding of yourself and the people in your life.

Each mentorship is tailored to your specific needs based on where you're at in your tarot or astrology practice, whether you're a beginner or looking to strengthen your existing knowledge or turn your love of tarot and astrology into your business!

This offering of private tarot mentorship consists of Six 75 minute remote sessions via Zoom. After check out you will receive an email from Stefanie to schedule your first session. Space is limited.

Email with any questions or further details

MVT began as sketches for the interior illustrations of a memoir Stefanie had written about having a spiritual awakening that caused her to suddenly leave her marriage, job, house, and give away everything she owned and move alone across the country. She quickly realized the book was a catharsis, not to be published, and the deck was begging her to create it. She thought, who would want to buy a deck that has one character that looks just like me, basically spelling out my life story? So many synchronistic connections appeared in her life encouraging her and helping her produce it, create a website, guiding her to the next steps, and it went from a secret healing project just for herself to her entire business.

The 1st edition (2018) was 95% black and white with tiny pops of red, the 2nd edition (2020) featured an updated card font and increased moments of red spreading onto the cards, alluding to the Fool making her way out of the void and back into her life. 

The 3rd edition (2021) we see the red melt into pink, the deck features blooming roses and follows the Fool's integration of shadow and return to joy. This deck was funded through Kickstarter and is a limited run of 1200 copies. It will not be reprinted.

Tarot is the journey of the self, and the vessel of communication between our physical bodies and the Universe. While deeply personal, there is a wonderfully supportive community at all levels that support Tarot.